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Friday Forum: The Jamie Bamber Guest Shot Wish List, Part 2

OK, we haven't done a Friday Forum in quite some time. But news may be thin on the ground for a little while, so you may see them turn up more often. We promise not to bombard those of you who are strictly here for the NOOZE with speculative silliness. The rest of you... come right this way, won't you?

Today's Friday Forum question:
What Shows Would You Like to See Jamie Guest-Star on?

Miami-Bamber (Miamber?!) is intrigued. Tell him more, won't you?

Although, as we speculated in the comments for Sunday's post-CSI Miami discussion, Jamie probably had a pretty good payday for what was a quick couple of days' work... well, it didn't particularly stretch him to the height of his abilities, did it? Not that I think anyone here was expecting it would, but still... given that he's working on one show (Perception) that sounds really promising but where he's not a regular, and probably won't have a chance to land another gig as a regular until pilot season starts up again next winter, there is theoretically still time for him to squeeze in more guest work. And it would be awesome if said work really gave him something to chew on, as opposed to allowing him to be as charming as ever (even when he's a sociopath, LOL), but more or less the sort of thing he could do in his sleep with his hands tied behind his back and blindfolded. ;) We did a similar Friday Forum post a while back, but hey, never hurts to do it again. (We've gained several active members since then, too!)

SO... Give us at least three shows, and describe a little about why you would want him to appear on that particular show. (You can give us more than three, but you don't have to.)  I'll post mine now (behind a cut) to get the ball rolling, but if you already know what you're going to say, feel free to leap ahead to the comments and come back and read mine later!

1. Fringe - I wish I could say I had a specific type of role for him in mind, but I don't. And to be honest, that's kind of the beauty of it - I adore Fringe so much at this point that pretty much ANYTHING they might throw at Jamie would probably be totally brilliant, and I would relish just about any context that he might turn up on the show in. (This goes for pretty much all of my favorite actors lately, but I'd be especially giggity if it were Jamie.)  Would particularly love it if he turned up playing two versions of the same person, in both "our" universe and the alternate universe in the show; John Pyper-Ferguson had a really juicy role a couple of weeks back as our-verse and alt-verse versions of the same guy who were horrifically, diametrically different, and he was SO GOOD. Something like that for Bamber, por favor. Pinkner? Wyman? WANT.

2. Justified - I know what you're thinking, "but he'd have to attempt a Southern accent!" No, not necessarily. Remember, Raylan Givens started out working with the Marshals in Florida, so there is plenty of opportunity to bring in someone from his past or someone related to an outside government office. And actually, I had a character in mind - since there are certain characters who turn up in multiple Elmore Leonard books, I'd love it if they brought in someone to underline how all of his books take place in the same universe. And one of the best ones is Ray Nicolet, the cocky but assured ATF agent who is in both Rum Punch (aka Jackie Brown) and Out of Sight. He was played in the movies by Michael Keaton; no reason they couldn't cast him slightly younger, he's younger in the books. And Jamie has exactly the right amount of charm-yet-can flip a switch into SRS BSNS mode to make that character sing. Though, I'm not choosy, I'd be happy with anything they could give him. Just give me Bamber vs. Olyphant and I'll keel over dead of squee. 

3. Leverage - I caught up in a giant binge-like fashion with Leverage over the summer (thanks, dramaturgca ;) ), and though I thought Season 4 really started off pretty slapdash indeed, I loved how it pulled its shit together and it ended strong in the mid-season finale. Jamie would be a fantastic addition to the mix (if they can finnagle a reason for him to share screentime with recurring nemesis Mark Sheppard, BONUS!) And again, I'd be happy with whatever they would choose to give him to do, though I had a kinda squee-worthy idea about him being a grifter protegee of Gina Bellman's Sophie. Someone she worked many jobs with years ago, a young Englishman whom she taught everything she knows. Maybe he always held a torch for her, but she never reciprocated because she didn't want it to destroy their mentor/trainee relationship... ooh, the possibilites. Heee.

I could probably chuck out half a dozen more shows, but I'm curious to see if any of you hit on the rest of my list. Pick three! Surprise us! GO!
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