The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Jamie Bamber to Guest Star on "House"

I AM SO EXCITED! Jamie Bamber to appear in the November 7 episode of 'House'

he actor is set to guest star in the Nov. 7 episode as a man who “suddenly collapses, and in the process of diagnosing his symptoms, the team discovers that he has been hiding dark secrets and lying about his personal and professional life… But when he openly confesses his wrongdoings to his family and community, he compromises his chances of receiving the proper medical treatment that could save his life.

If you are a long time House viewer, you are aware the show is not what it once was. However, all my brain is contemplating is Hugh Laurie and Jamie Bamber on screen together! :D Maybe they can swap stories on how they are able to maintain such great American accents? ;)

ETA: TV By The Numbers has posted FOX's November Sweeps Lineup Press Release. There's a tiny bit more information about the episode, entitled "The Confession", but nothing additional about Jamie's role.
Tags: tv: guest starring roles

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