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Friday Forum: The Role Jamie Never Had (But The Internet Says HE DID) ;)

It's Friday. Time for silliness. Bear with me, there IS a point to all this...

So, I don't know how many of you watch Community, but in the first episode of this season when Abed was distraught about Cougar Town being moved to midseason, first Britta introduces him to Cougarton Abbey (LMFAO!), the "original British version." But then when everyone dies at in the last episode, Abed is SO upset that they have to find him a new show, which turns out to be… Inspector Spacetime. Yes, it's a Doctor Who spoof. And yes, it's quite delightfully batty. Although it's merely sketched in in a few moments, it's done very well:

But of course, leave it to the internet to invent an entire Inspector Spacetime history and meme that thing into OBLIVION. From TV Tropes:

The Inspector is an alien from a faraway planet who has come to Earth to rescue us from dangers both within and outside our own galaxy. He travels the universe in his cozy DARSIT, which takes the form of a red telephone booth. The DARSIT is famously "smaller on the inside." This is a generalization. In reality, it adjusts its interior dimensions so that it is always just a bit too small to comfortably accommodate its occupants. Even when the Inspector is alone the DARSIT retains is cozily cramped atmosphere. This is often alluded to as the reason that friendships formed in the DARSIT are the closest one ever makes.

What does any of this have to do with Jamie? Well, of course, being awesomely obsessive about this, the Inspector Spacetime "fandom" has laid out all eleven Inspectors' adventures in detail, including all their "Associates." And frequently, actors have been utilized to "portray" certain characters. Though I've seen a few other actors thrown into the mix (notably Tom Hardy) for this particular role, from what I can tell particularly based on the really awesome Inspector Spacetime Confessions Tumblr, Jamie is far and away the top choice for the role of "Captain James Haggard." Yeah, you get ONE guess amongst the lot of you:

A spin-off series, Peacemist: Nicer Post, began airing in 2005. It stars the easily-flustered, sexually conservative Captain James Haggard and is significantly more family friendly than the current Inspector Spacetime.

Of course, being flustered and conservative for the sake of an ironic in-joke won't stand forever, especially when he looks like that. And the folks at Inspector Spacetime Confessions figured that out

This is the punchline I made you read through all that to get to. Enjoy. ;)

p.s. oh, fine, and here's one more for you. Aww:

Discuss. Bonus points if you take it one further step (which I don't think Inspector Spacetime fandom has gotten to yet) and cast Captain James' entire team on Peacemist: Nicer Post. ;)
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