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Discussion Thread for 'House', Episode 8.5, "The Confession"

"The Confession": Chase, Bob and the New Female Doctor Whose Name I Haven't Bothered to Learn Yet.

After weeks of anticipation, it's finally here! Jamie Bamber and Hugh Laurie together on screen! Dueling Awesome American Accents! The return of doctors Chase and Taub! OK, the last one will mean nothing to you if you're not at least a semi-regular viewer, but there has been such a turnover on this show I'm glad to see some old, familiar faces. ;)

This is your post in which to squee (Naked Jamie!) or squirm (Skinless Jamie!) or snark (Skinless? REALLY???). But, most importantly, enjoy!

ETA: Here are some recaps/reviews for you.....

Time Magazine's 'House Watch' has a thorough (and snarky :) rundown of what happened. This would be especially helpful if you haven't been able to watch or track down the episode yet. ;)

Digital Spy also recaps the episode and sites Jamie's strong guest turn as the patient of the week. But also find it hard to accept the American accent after hearing his real one. ;)

Deamon's TV thinks Jamie did a "Great job" and draws a comparison to one of Lee Adama's less desirable qualities.

What Culture! wishes the writers had done more with Jamie's character (I have to agree).

And House's ratings were up last night! Up 8% in the coveted 18-49 bracket and 14% in total viewers. I'm totally crediting Jamie's appearance. ;)
Tags: tv: guest starring roles
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