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More on Jamie Bamber's 'Body of Proof' Role

TV Line / Ask Ausiello has some addition information (via Jamie :) about his upcoming Body of Proof role:
Question: Do you have any Body of Proof scoop? —Chloe

Ausiello: Although it was weeks ago that Battlestar Galactica studmuffin Jamie Bamber was cast as Dana Delany’s new love interest, he still hasn’t seen a script. But this much he can share: “I play a blue-collar construction worker who Megan [knew] in the past.” At the moment, Bamber is slated to appear in the final three episodes of the show’s current 13-episode order (which doesn’t include a handful of Season 2 leftovers). “And if they get a back-nine,” he adds, “it would potentially develop into more from there.”

Episode 11 of Body of Proof began filming today. Jamie has not been on set yet, but he should be soon. Meanwhile, get everyone you know to start watching so we can get a back nine. ;)
Tags: tv: guest starring roles

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