Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

"Is THAT Jamie?!...wait... wait!..." (New UJMPV Teaser + Full Trailer + HiRes Screenshots)

So hey, thanks Gaumont for the high-tech game of "Where's Waldo?" that promo for Un jour mon pere viendra has turned out to be so far. ;) Love giving the pause button reflex a workout whilst simultaneously mumbling "Wait....was that?...arrrrrgh." Look, all sarcasm aside, we totally get the reality of the situation; the three leads are all HUGE stars in France so it makes complete sense that they'd be the main focus of the marketing. Still, when you're selling a romantic comedy it seems kind of logical that if you have an exceedingly handsome guy in the movie, you feature him prominently in the trailers, too. You know, it really can't hurt your target audience. Really. Okay, maybe not all sarcasm aside... (I mean, look at the default shot of the second YouTube clip embedded below - there he is again, but lovely Olivia's head is in the way. Shenanigans, editors!)

Anyway, posting about this a second time because Gaumont's iTunes podcast now has hi-res downloadable versions of the teaser that we posted last week, as well as a second teaser and a full trailer (which is only 25 seconds longer than the teasers, but if they say it's a full trailer...)  

Or if you want to watch the second teaser and full trailer NOW... well, you're welcome. ;)

And now some hi-res screen shots, because you deserve them. (Yeah, so I snuck some wet 'n' chesty ones in from the first teaser. SUE ME.)

(Click all to enlarge)
Tags: film: un jour mon père viendra

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