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Six New Dennys Ilic Photos of Jamie Bamber

Our pal Dennys Ilic has been a busy bee on Twitter the past few days, tweeting Instagram links to a ton of photos. For the benefit of those of you who are not on Twitter, here's a run-down of the Jamie-related goods he released. ;)

| All images © dennys ilic photographique 2011, 2012 |
| Click images to enlarge |

These two shots are from the Apollo Bay (hee) beach photoshoot that the video was edited from:


This one is also from Australia, though since he's in a suit clearly not the beach shoot. (Maybe during John Doe filming?):

This one - which is AMAZING, in case you hadn't noticed. Did I mention it's AMAZING? - is from the BSG Last Days era (similar one is visible briefly in that video). We may have heavily hinted that this is the kind of shot that would make a great print. Juuust saying. ;):

And lastly a behind the scenes on 17th Precinct shot of Jamie and James Callis. (*sniffles for the buddy cop shenanigans that never were*) Dennys is promising a 17P BTS video, too (EDIT: He just added a second one of Jamie & Ron Moore):


So if you're on Twitter, go tap Dennys and tell him thank you! And how much we appreciate his sharing, and he's welcome to share more of the thousands of Jamie shots (Yeah, he said thousands) that he's got any time. ;)

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