The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Holiday Post

With the holidays fast approaching (too fast for me!), I was contemplating ideas for something we all could do here. My initial thought, after running past zegeekgirl and members of the comm, I decided was a bit too ambitious. However, I feel there is interest in doing something to celebrate Jamie and the holidays, so the plan (not to be confused with The Plan), is on December 23rd do a Friday Forum post in which you can post whatever ideas you may come up with. It can be favorite photos of Jamie, icons you have made, your favorite Lee Adama moments and why he is so awesome, etc.

Example of moment of awesomeness: "The lady's in charge." And I felt this post needed a photo. :)

As with any post on the comm, no fanfic or photo manipulations, but if you've seen or read about it here previously it's OK to post. And if you won't be around on the 23rd or the weekend (you may have other celebrating to do ;), please feel free to post later on. I figure a little over two weeks should give us all time to do whatever we have to do. :)

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