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The Holiday Post

Tis the season for me to butcher lyrics to a Christmas song. I usually only embarrass myself on my own LJ, but since JBN is enjoying it's fifth year of existence I figured it was time to do something just for you all. So, here's my little contribution to holiday spirit.....or collective eye rolling. Please, I beg of you, add your own celebratory contributions in comments. Assuming time permitted. Or pretty pics are always welcome. :) But I know how it is. I started scrambling just two nights ago. Happy Holidays!

To start, a favorite photo of mine. :)

All I Want for Christmas
(AKA: A Holiday Plea to Network Executives)

We're not asking a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing we need
We think we've been quite patient
Waiting for another series lead

Just a show to call his own
More appreciation you'll never know
Make our wishes come true
All we want is a new series
.....or two

We don't want too much this Christmas
BBC America, you helped fill our needs
In 2011, you kept our Jamie present
Three series on our TV screens

We did finally need to take to mocking
Those deaths now so commonplace
NBC, you could have made us happy
Gave us joy as he left L&O:UK

Our devotion we would have shown
The Battlestar reunion you had to blow
Now, to make our wish come true
We look to the other nets for a series
.....or two

We're not asking for much this Christmas
Many actors have two shows
Until that time we keep on wanting
Far more guest starring roles

CSI: Miami let him play a baddie
So good we could endure Caruso's schtick
We rejoiced House got him naked
However, losing his skin was kind of ick

John Doe should be a dark delight
We have Un Jour just in sight
But what Hollywood can you do?
All we want for Christmas is a series
.....or two

Oh, all you networks are casting
So many pilots everywhere
And with cable's summer season
Perception is set to air

Body of Proof we're awaiting
We hear they'll be Dana/Jamie kissing
But dear execs, bring us what we really need
Won't you please bring us Bamber weekly?

Oh, we don't want a lot for Christmas
One thing is all we're asking for
We just want to see our Jamie
Regularly in prime time once more

Just one (or two) shows to call our own
Such adoration you will never know
Make our wishes come true
All we want this coming season is a series
.....or two

All we want for Christmas is in you to do

17th Precinct Cast Photo by Dennys Ilic
(AKA: Oh, what could have been!)

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