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Links, Lots of Links

With 2012 just days away, I thought it might be nice to do a little housekeeping, while also seeing what I/we might have been missing out on in 2011.

To start, just a quick reminder that JBN is also on Twitter and Tumblr. I'm still getting a handle on this Tumblr thing, so, during the learning process, there's frequent reblogging.

As for Facebook, I continue to loathe it. Sorry, Facebook fans. There is a Jamie Bamber fan page already in existence on FB. If you really need a Jamie fix there, you can friend them. :)

Links! Two communities have done a great job of rebooting this year. First up, do you love Horatio and Archie? Have a fondness for characters in the Hornblower universe that aren't them? Then follow following_sea. This afternoon donnaimmaculata, posted some great 'Retribution' set photos.

And if you know me, you know I LOVE Lee Adama, Laura Roslin and the two of them in any situation together. ;) So, I was thrilled to see so much recent activity at laura_lee_bsg. My BSG OTP has renewed interest!

Now, this is where I turn to all of you for your help. What Jamie related fan communities and sites out there am I'm missing? The profile page could really use some updating. Comment away with your recommendations and I'll update this post as well as the profile page with your valuable intel.

In today's other Jamie related news, the 17th Precinct pilot has gone from bootleg to the big time to possible bu-bye if NBC's lawyers are put to work. The Hollywood Reporter has embedded a copy of the pilot on their website. Really! When one of the biggest entertainment sites around posts pirated copyrighted material, I really don't know what is becoming of the media.

io9 has also posted the pilot as well as a VERY positive recap/review. There's also positive feedback in the comments there as well as other sites around the web where the pilot has popped up this past week. I can't recall if or when a pilot has gotten quite the second wind this one has.
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