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Jamie Bamber Cast in TNT's "Chelsea General"

Via, Jamie has just been cast in David E. Kelley's TNT medical drama, "Chelsea General". More from the site:

Based on CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s upcoming novel Monday Mornings, the project follows the lives of five surgeons as they push the limits of their abilities and confront their personal and professional failings. Bamber will play one of them, Dr. Tyler Wilson, supernova vascular neurosurgeon who has a fling with a fellow neurosurgeon (Jennifer Finnigan). Kelley and Gupta, who is a practicing neurosurgeon, are executive producing the pilot; Kelley’s frequent collaborator Bill D’Elia is set to direct.

The very good news: the pilot is for TNT, which picks up the majority of their pilots to series. The network is willing to nurture a series that isn't exactly a ratings blockbuster (See: Southland). And cable networks, unlike the broadcast networks, won't air all the episodes they've ordered. Also, TNT must have liked what they saw in Perception. :)

On the possibly negative side: David E Kelley. Some of his work is better than others. But Sanjay Gupta's involvement makes me think they will be aiming for realism that has been lacking in some of Kelley's previous shows.

Bottom line......time to celebrate! Oh, and Jamie, Tricia and Mary all have shows in development at TNT right now? Someone is a BSG fan!

ETA: We have our first (slightly spoilery) look at the pilot script. The Hollywood exec (if you believe his blog title :), lived it and loved Jamie's character, Ty. Most importantly, it looks like he'll get the opportunity to play another flawed, complicated character. Woo!
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