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Here's Your Random Jamie (Not Breaking) News Post

Over the past few weeks, zegeekgirl and I have been collecting various bits of Jamie (or Jamie related) news that, while interesting, wasn't exactly worthy of dropping what we were doing (in other words, work ;) to post. Since we're in between "Woo! Jamie has a pilot!" and Jamie's first Body of Proof episode airing one week from tonight, it seemed like a good time for a filler post. :)

Body of Proof

Seven days until Jamie is back on our screens! Actually, you might want to tune in tonight and catch the previews for next week. I'm hoping we'll get our first glimpse of Jamie. But, in case ABC drops the ball, again, in the Jamie Bamber publicity department, MSN writes how "Body of Proof" Ups the Ante With Big Guest Stars. LOTS of talk of Jamie, whose character now seem to be named Aiden. Beware of some spoilers, but they are delightful and squee-worthy spoilers. ;)

Law & Order: UK

The final episode of Season 3/Series 6 airs this Friday in the UK, but you can pick up Series 5 (Region 2) which was released last week.

Chelsea General

Meet the "Chelsea General" cast.

We now have Alfred Molina as Dr. Harding Hooten, Jamie as Dr. Tyler Wilson, Jennifer Finnigan as Dr. Tina Ridgeway, Bill Irwin as Dr. Buck Tierney, Ving Rhames as, uh, no name yet, but "the most celebrated trauma chief in the country" and Keong Sim Dr. Sung Park. Hopefully, as the show continues to cast roles, we'll see more actresses in the mix. Reality is the majority of surgeons are men and I'm at least happy to see racial diversity in the casting.

And there's an IMBD page! Yes, IMDB is not exactly the be all end all of the TV and film industry, especially since it's frequently inaccurate, but it still makes things more official to me. Given who is behind and in front of the camera now, I'm as confidant as I can be in the wacky world of pilot season that this one will get a pick up.

17th Precinct

Yes, we still have stuff from Jamie's last pilot popping up on the internet. :) Our good friend, Dennys Ilic posted a sneak peak of the "Men of Sci-Fi" video he is currently working on. There's a brief look at Jamie filming the 17th Precinct pilot and a glimpse of some fabulous photos of James Callis in character. We really need to see more of these unseen promo photos.

Craig Anderl, who also worked on the pilot, posted his demo reel which contains footage we've mostly seen before, but there is one clip of Tricia that was edited from the final version of the pilot.

Filly Brown

No new news regarding Jamie's involvement in the film, but there is some general information to share. And since Jamie's equally lovely and talented wife also appears in the film, we can stretch "Bamber News" to include her.

A trailer has been posted to YouTube. It doesn't include footage of Jamie or Kerry, sadly, but it does provide an idea of what to expect from the film:

Direct Link
. posted about the films soundtrack and revealed Eddie sings in the film! There is also a mention of Jamie and Kerry: And in keeping it in the family, another Olmos son, Bodie, has a cameo role and is joined by his and Mr. Olmos’ fellow "Battlestar Galactica" stars Jamie Bamber and Kerry Norton.

And, finally, some photos of Kerry and Eddie taken at this years Sundance Film Festival where Filly Brown was screened.

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