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Discussion Thread for 'Body of Proof', Episode 2.15, "Occupational Hazards"
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: February 22nd, 2012 06:49 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Okay, following up with a few thoughts...

- Agree with asta77 that it would be unrealistic to expect him to get too much screen time, at least in this first episode where they're introducing his character in the midst of the whodunit-of-the-week. (Which I have to admit was really NOT one of my favorites of the episodes of this show I've seen before; between the really-not-too-good-at-all actress playing the bereaved wife to the various suspects who all looked the same... dull, dull. There have been more compelling murder mysteries on some recent eps.)

- That said, obviously it's hard to deny the FANTASTIC nature of the opportunity to let Jamie a) smile, b) be a bit of a flirt, c) be scruffy and gorgeous, and d) BE BRITISH, HUZZAH! And he did all of the above quite excellently. ;) Hopeful that his next two episodes might have a smidgen more screen time, though I'm sure he won't dominate either. It just ain't that kinda show.

- While I do certainly appreciate the "ain't no thang" aspect of addressing the age difference and the cuteness of flirty-Aiden and flustered-but-also-flirty Megan (the diner scene IS very cute - and I know exactly where that location is, and it took me out of the show for a second, heh)... I was a little bit "Really? REALLY?!" with the whole social-networking aspect of the hookup. It just seems like such an obvious route to take, and all the dialogue in the lead-up felt very hackneyed and obvious. Though the comeuppance moment when Megan tries to guilt Joan and Lacey at the end before coming clean was pretty hilarious, and um - obviously, FLIRTY SNOGGY BAMBER, there are serious extenuating circumstances here, Mum your honor ;) - part of me cannot get past the part where one's mother deliberately meddles in your personal life. I am close with my mom, and I know how "mums can be" pretty damn well, but man I would be LIVID! Even for the sake of shucking real-life concerns for the sake of dramatic license, was talking with dramaturgca last night and we both agreed, man when is that ever remotely OK, moms?! (Also, small gripe, but "Socialcrewz" with a Z? That's a terrible fake Facebook name. ;) )

So BIG UPS to every second Jamie was on screen, but jury's out on pretty much everything else in the ep. But he'll be back, so I can't rightly complain too much. Bring it on, next week. (BTW, I checked and the show is a repeat on March 6, so not sure when his third ep will air... hopefully by mid-month sometime.)
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