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Chelsea General Update + Sanjay Gupta interview

As those of you who are following JBN on Twitter (and our Chelsea General list) probably figured out by now, filming of the pilot began yesterday. Yay! We'll keep our eyes peeled for any major developments. (Nothing too major yet, though personally it did make me smile that they are shooting at LA Center Studios and not on some studio lot in the Valley. I work downtown and having any kind of facility like that nearby has been great for the area. W00t, bringin' it central. ;) )

In other news, though, do check out this terrific interview with Sanjay Gupta over at Monday Mornings is out now (I've had the book for over a week but haven't cracked it yet; sorry, too much going on. And there was a new Gail Carriger book out, dammit! ;) )  He discusses the novel, as well as Chelsea General, and not only mentions Jamie and the cast but a little bit about book vs. series, and reveals this about Jamie's character, Tyler:

WARNING... SOMEWHAT SIGNIFICANT SPOILERS, if you care about that kind of thing...

One of my main characters is Tyler Wilson -- this is a guy who is a neurosurgeon in a hospital. His brother died of brain tumor when he was young. His sister was shot in a convenience store robbery and is in a vegetative state. The thing he remembers beyond the tragedy of losing his sibling is how the doctors, when his brother died, did not come out and tell his family. They sent a social worker to go do it. It was devastating.

As often happens in the case of couples that lose a child, his parents got divorced. That was his upbringing. So he had two goals in life when he realized he could become a doctor: 1) He wanted to become better neurosurgeon than the one that took care of his brother, and 2) He also wanted to make it so that, under his watch, a family would never get treated the way his family was when they lost one of their children.

You don't know this when you meet him. He's a very good surgeon. He has some almost stereotypical qualities about who he is. He's not the nicest guy in the world in most situations, at least to his colleagues.

When it comes to families, there's nobody better. He's the best guy in the hospital. When he makes a medical mistake, you get a sense of just what prism through which he sees that mistake. He sees it through: This is my life's calling. This is all I was supposed to do: To save people that other people could not. In this case, he didn't.

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