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"Monday Mornings" Discussion: Chapters 1-8

Good Morning! Welcome to the Monday morning "Monday Mornings" discussion. Yes, yes I went for the obvious. This post will cover the first eight chapters of "Monday Mornings". Since leading a book discussion is new to the comm...and me...I'm just going to start by sharing my general thoughts about the book, some differences I've already picked up on between the book and Chelsea General pilot, and at least one way in which I think CG will differ from MM.

One rule for the discussion: if you've read ahead, please don't discuss plot developments outside of the chapters we are currently covering. In other words, no spoilers! ;)

Dr. Tyler Wilson is 38 years old, tall, fit, with wavy dark hair and "blue eyes, which had a hypnotic effect on nurses, patients, just about anyone locked in his gaze." Gee, does this sound like anyone we know? OK, maybe the "tall" is a bit of a stretch, but the rest is a perfect description of Jamie. I even had to laugh when the scrubs in the book were described as a "deep shade of blue, seemingly to match his eyes". Apparently, Sanjay was ahead of the CG's costume people as well as us fangirls. :)

Putting Ty/Jamie aside, I thought Sanjay did an excellent job in both describing the characters and providing insights into them. And knowing who the characters are to be portrayed by in CG, I think the casting has been close to perfect. While Dr. Jorge (George) Villanueva may be Hispanic in the book, I easily see Ving Rhames in the role.

Ty and Dr. Tina Ridgeway are clearly written as being VERY attractive people, but with the rest of the cast of characters Sanjay seemed to want to include a lot of diversity, not just ethnic. Dr. Michelle Robidaux is described as slightly overweight, with stringy hair and acne scarred skin. However, the Hollywood makeover machine has turned her into Emily Swallow. Emily may be awesome in the role (and she did some fine work on Southland), but I have to admit to some disappointment the show didn't stay closer to book Michelle in appearance. Still, the series stuck with the ethnic diversity, which pleases me.

Quite a few CG character have not been popped up in the first eight chapters of MM. I'm curious to see if they will be introduced later in the book or if they are original creations for the series.

Being a Michigander, there were a lot of little Michigan references I could appreciate (especially the Lions blowing a play ;p). And working at a law firm (a respected one!), there is frequent talk of so-called "ambulance chasers" and the cost of superfluous lawsuits to both the medical and legal professions. I sympathized with Tina during her deposition.

Given a choice, I'd prefer "Monday Mornings" as the title of the TV series. "Chelsea General" is so generic, like "St. Elsewhere", "Chicago Hope" and "ER" before it. But I wonder if "Monday Mornings", rather than being deemed to confusing for the TV viewer, is too specific? I'm not sure the series intent is to have every episode revolve around a surgical screw-up and the analysis of it. I suspect many episodes will just be the doctors dealing with cases and the challenges presented by them. Hence "Chelsea General" may make more sense, even if a less interesting title.

Finally, I may not work at a hospital, but I wish we had 'Someone Effed Up Conferences' where I worked. They would be useful in just about any working environment. ;)

OK, now it's your turn. What did you all think?

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