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"Monday Mornings" Discussion: Chapters 1-8
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onlyariana From: onlyariana Date: April 2nd, 2012 09:57 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
I loved this book. Once I started it, I read it all the way through in just over a day so I had to go back and skim the first 8 chapters to remind myself when in the story to talk about in this post. I found it really flowed well bowing to our ADD tendencies by having a lot of different overlapping stories and many main characters. I think this would play out well on TV. It's all very ER.

I agree with the Dr. Ty description. Ok, not everything was totally on the money but it really felt like if I was reading it well before they even had the idea of a TV show I might be seeing Jamie Bamber as him. And the pic posted a few days ago of most of the cast made me think the costume department picked up on the whole thing where the scrubs were made just to show his eyes and his body.

In trying to type up this comment, I checked the imdb page and saw Mason Cook the boy who is playing Quinn McDaniel. Awww and also sniff.

I am liking the Ving Rhames casting. I think he fits well as Villanueva. He was one of my favorite characters though the plot about how he doesn't get his son is a little eh. "Did pretty boy explain how he killed the kid yet?" was one of my favorite lines in the whole book. Seems like it would transfer to screen well.

I like Tina. Her determination in taking on Michelle both in quizzing and feeding her popcorn and in standing up for her in the deposition was endearing. I agree that they might want to hold off on taking things to an actual affair. Maybe that can simmer for a while. You don't want to play out something like that in the first season.

I'm confused on Michelle Robidaux. Why is it she can't cut it as a doctor? Is she not as smart as she thought or was her background too much to overcome? I just don't get why she keeps failing her boards.

Dr. Sung Park rubbed me the wrong way. The scene where his daughter gets chastised for giggling at the book she's reading made me want to scream. His crass jokes and joy at Ty being in the hot seat all made me not really love this guy.

There hasn't been much on Harding Hooten yet but bow ties are cool.

Also not a lot on Sydney Saxena but there's something very compelling about Sarayu Rao.

I believe Bill Irwin's character will show up later in the book.
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