The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Q&A with Jamie

I have some potentially fabulous news. I was able to get in touch with Jamie's publicist and it looks like Jamie might be willing to do a Q&A with us. :) The only condition, for lack of a better word, is Jamie's publicist will peruse the questions before passing them along to Jamie to answer. Fair enough since this is a new community, not a mainstream media outlet, and here is this fan he doesn't know contacting him about doing a Q&A. All things considered his publicist was very cool about the idea and I'm thinking this is a 99% done deal.

Speaking of the deal, here's a few guidelines:

* I stressed this community is here to focus on Jamie’s career, not his personal life. That’s not to say you can’t ask about his education or adjusting to life in California, just use common sense.

* While I’m sure there are some great questions about Battlestar Galactica yet to be asked, here's our chance to dig deep into his career and impress him with are wealth of knowledge and broad interests. Ask him about his radio and stage work. Or his unfortunate habit of playing characters that die. And I know we have a lot of Hornblower fans. So spread the wealth!

* The number of questions he'll be answering will be limited. I can't give an exact number, just that his publicist implied to keep the Q&A relatively short. And, of course, Jamie has the right to skip over any questions he doesn't wish to answer.

* Your questions may be tweaked or combined with another question. romaticalgirl has offered to put her journalism degree to use to help get the most in depth answers from Jamie and avoid simple yes or no responses. We are not talking massive rewrites here, just taking advantage of this great opportunity.

* I know there are many people who look at this site that don't have an LJ and I certainly don't mean to be exclusionary, but as a precaution I'm going to have to say no to anonymous posting.

* I'm going to ask you have your questions posted here, in the comments of this post, by Noon EST on Saturday, April 14th. That will hopefully provide enough time for you to decide what you'd like to ask and for romanticalgirl and I to go through everything and get it off to Jamie's publicist early next week.

When can you expect to see the answers? I have no idea. I'll post his responses as soon as I receive them, but since Jamie is kind enough to do this he gets to work at his own pace.

If you have any questions, please let me know. It's my hope that we get some really terrific questions and that Jamie will be up to doing this again in the future. Yes, I have already thrown that idea out there. ;)
Tags: interview: bamber news

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