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"Monday Mornings" Discussion: Chapters 9-16

Good Morning! Welcome to Week 2 of our "Monday Mornings" discussion. I've had a houseguest this past week so my reading has been rather sporadic and I didn't bother to jot down any notes. If I failed to recall any significant developments, sorry!

I know it's not entirely fair to judge a novel without having reading it in it's entirety. However, with chapters 9-16, I felt the novel lacked flow and was rather choppy. Tina and Hooten have a significant confrontation in Chapter 9 and I'm still waiting for some sort of continuation (if not resolution - I can see that coming much later) of that. You can't just storm out on your boss even if you think he's wrong.

Then There is Chapter 14 dedicated solely to Dr. Villanueva and his work in the ER. Much of the scene felt like a retread of his earlier introduction and did't provide any new insights into the character. And I know ending the scene with his weight causing the stool under him to collapse was meant to inject some humor, but I didn't find it funny.

I did very much appreciate the twist with Dr. Park (having to deal with a brain tumor and being the patient could potentially give him new insights and humanize him a bit), but I felt his revelation and conversation regarding treatment with Hooten was too rushed.

As my problems with the structure of the novel grew, it occurred to me the story could make a better TV series than novel. ;) Clearly, the material in the novel could be spread out over a 10 or 13 episode season. We know the pilot focuses on Ty's error and his guilt over Quinn's death (and reading more of Ty in the book, Jamie will have some great material to work with and I see him nailing it). A subsequent episode could focus on Park's tumor and, given Alfred Molina is playing Hooten, the Hooten/Park scene would likely be expanded.

We learned more about Dr. Sydney Saxon, who I quite liked. She reminds me quite a bit of Dr. Gregory House, in that they both view illness as a puzzle to be solved and they don't care about pissing off the people they work with if it means saving the patients life. On the other hand, she truly cares about the patients (she's even willing to meet them!) and seems a hell of a lot nicer. ;)

I will admit Sanjay got me with the scene in which Sydney leaves the OR after being paged. When she returned to see a bloody, instrument strewn floor and Monique Tran and Dr. Stanford Williams arguing, I immediately thought poor Sydney was going to be the next up for the M&M meeting. But with Monique hollering as she was at a doctor and Samford going off on her in Vietnamese, I suddenly went, "Baby Daddy!" :) I'm not sure either character will be in CG (the characters don't appear in the IMDB listing for the pilot), but I wouldn't mind seeing them as background characters from time to time.

I don't really have any feelings about Dr. Martin at this time, but I like the inclusion of, if not 'bad' doctor, one that perhaps is not the best at what he does and makes too many errors.

What did everyone else think?

ETA: I forgot to include earlier the link to the previous discussion of Chapters 1-8.
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