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"Monday Mornings" Discussion: Chapters 25-32

It's another Monday, which means another "Monday Mornings" discussion. (It's still morning in parts of the world, right?) Four weeks down and two to go. Is anyone else really looking forward to the end? ;)

Many of us discussed earlier the ramifications - not to mention WTFness - of Ty wanting to meet with Allison McDaniel. I appreciated, once inside Ty's head, we were able to see he was thinking what many of us were: talking to Allison was a very bad idea and for many, many reasons. And, yes, the hospital lawyer would be flipping out if he knew what was happening. (Though, as a Star Wars fan, I couldn't help but smile at the Obi Wan reference. :)

The meeting was awkward (as expected) and I actually felt worse for Allison. Even with as much pain as she was still in, she had already accepted that the surgery was risky, Ty had done everything possible to try and give her a few more months, but her son had been terminal. It's hard to imagine what it would be like to lose a child, but Allison seems like she's trying to move on as best she can and Ty is pulling her back. He's not setting out to be selfish. He's confused and adrift at the moment, at a crossroads in his life's work, and desperately hoping she might provide some clarity for him.

The reveal that Harding Hooten comes from money was no shock to me. Actually, I doubt it would be as much of a shock as Sanjay thinks it would be to the hospital staff. Harding's interest in and purchase of art for Chelsea General is, in part, bankrolled by him. His salary alone wouldn't allow him to purchase all the pieces he has. But I was glad to get a glimpse of his home life finally and see the VERY understanding relationship he has with his wife.

Michelle seems to have evolved into a character of convenience. By which I mean, she pops up only to move a plot point along and/or tell us something about the characters who are dealing with her at the moment. She's fired (when she thinks she's been brought in for a pat on the back) and then quickly disappears again. I'm expecting her next scene to involve crying and comforting by Tina, who will make the situation about her need to save Michelle's job. But I'm hoping I'm wrong.

I have to say I was disappointed with Villanueva's turn on the hot seat. I expected him to, eventually, admit he was wrong (he's not the kind of guy to makes excuses for his behavior or pass the buck), but I wanted to see more of the M&M meeting play out. Park's entrance abruptly cut the meeting short.

Interestingly, Park's entrance and subsequent applause struck me as a very 'Made for TV' moment. And I'm actually hoping Park does develop cancer on CG, though later in the season or, perhaps, in Season 2. (Yes, again, I am being optimistic!) As I suspected may be the case, Park being on the other side of things, being the patient, is starting to humanize him and make him more appreciative of his family and life outside the hospital.

Sadly, my dislike of Tina Ridgeway only grows. It's not helping that her scenes outside the hospital, unlike everyone elses, are so odd. Do she and her husband only fight when the children are trapped and can go nowhere? And I continue to feel sympathy for him, but not her. Maybe the house wouldn't be such a mess by Sunday if she were home at all during the week to help? Maybe he's exhausted taking care of three kids all week and deserves a morning alone with the Sunday paper? And WHY do you keep making your kids cry???

I know the point of the clinic scene was to show that while Tina sees her time helping the less fortunate as an escape from a life she's bored/disillusioned with, there are dangers being a woman working there. Unfortunately, the scene was so cliched and heavy-handed I simply wanted to skip ahead. And I fear we'll have to endure the jerk coming back as some sort of wake up call to her.

Sydney continues to kick all kinds of ass. I love that she, more than anyone else, feels comfortable in confronting Harding. And I like the relationship developing between she and Dr. McManus. She's not entirely sure why she's attracted to him, but she is, and what does this mean for her and her future plans?

Speaking of relationships, I feel I have a better understanding as to why Ty and Tina are having an affair. I'm still a bit perplexed as to Tina's reasons, although, at this point, I'm willing to simply go with she doesn't know what she wants and is looking for an escape from what her life is. But discovering Ty has never had a relationship that lasted more than a couple months explained A LOT to me. He likes Tina. He's attracted to Tina. They have a lot they can share. But Tina is married with kids, which means, to his mind, she is ultimately unavailable and the relationship will not last any longer than any previous relationship he's had.

I doubt Ty will be staying in Florida, but I very much appreciated Sanjay making me think of this shot:

So, what did everyone else think?

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