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"Monday Mornings" Discussion: Chapters 25-32
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onlyariana From: onlyariana Date: April 24th, 2012 12:20 am (UTC) (Link Me)
Sydney continues to be awesome. I loved how she thought that Dr. McManus makes her mad because he makes her feel things and distracts and tempts her.

I want to try a stir fry with blueberries and pineapple like Ty made. That sounded SO GOOD. I actually went searching for a recipe with the ingredients but couldn't find anything. I might just have to wing it. It hurt when he was with Quinn's mom. He didn't mean to be but he was asking more from this woman who already lost everything.

I liked that Villanueva answered the phone while on the can. Knowing people like him that's pretty in character.

One other thing I enjoyed in the book was how the doctors tend to think of the biological processes going on in their bodies. I can't think of exactly what the examples are right now and I'm too tired to go looking.

Pat Park's excitement at a date with her husband was the sweetest thing. <3
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