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"Monday Mornings" Discussion: Chapters 25-32
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: April 24th, 2012 04:18 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
So far the awkwardness of the entire situation with Allison isn't overwhelming me at all, and I think you hit on the reason why:

He's not setting out to be selfish. He's confused and adrift at the moment, at a crossroads in his life's work, and desperately hoping she might provide some clarity for him.

As you note in the cut text, this aspect of the book is more well defined than a lot of other plot strands, and it's not hard to accept the premise that he is compelled to do what he's doing because of this urgent need for clarity, to move on from a mistake that is so at odds with the very reason he became a doctor in the first place.

Both Harding and Michelle, I hope, will be given room to become richer, more multi-layered characters in the show, Michelle in particular. As far as Park goes, agree with you that delaying incorporating his cancer into the storyline seems like the smart bet; the show would have the opportunity to share its focus with the regular cast members and any guest cast they have in each week as patients or whomever, and with an ensemble type show there should be lots of ways to develop his character without giving him an illness, at least not right away. (Wouldn't drop it entirely, though. onlyariana is right, the scene with his wife and their date was quite touching.

The church scene with the Ridgeways drove me mental. Yes, Tina is deeply unpleasant in that scene, and the issue isn't so much how nasty she is as that I still don't feel any real context w/ her for why she is capable of that kind of unfeeling attitude toward her family. Like I said last week, I am willing to go to all sorts of places with a character if I feel like I understand what makes them tick, and I don't have that with Tina; I want to understand, but other than that little bit of backstory where we know that her father was a doctor and that she sort of unexpectedly stepped up to the plate to carry on the family tradition (so one has to assume that she may have felt pressured into it, though clearly she does like helping people or at least that's what the free clinic storyline tells us)... what else is there? Are we to assume that she also felt pressured into getting married and having kids?; if left to her own devices with no expectations of her from either her family or general societal pressures, would she be happier to have the kind of freedom Ty enjoys to just have short-term relationships from time to time that always take a back-seat to her job? (Lord knows it would be nice to actually see a female career woman on television who just doesn't care and who maintains the personal life they want no matter what anyone thinks. You know they exist.) You can see I'm spit-balling a LOT here; I do hope the writers and Jennifer Finnigan are given the chance to flesh Tina out a lot, and help me understand her better even if I don't always like her.

Meanwhile, oddly, SG does a great job at conveying Sydney's personality and motivations with about the same amount of background - I don't know why that is. (I do wonder if there is some correlation between how well he actually knew the doctors he's basing these characters on; maybe Sydney's inspiration is someone he knew better than Tina's?) Or perhaps because it's because she seems to have such a well-defined purpose rather than be clutching at straws left and right to fill some kind of a void in her life.

If the show ever does send Ty to Florida at some point, at least the location scouts will have a piss-easy job with what they've got to work with around here. ;) (Countdown to seeing Ocean Blvd. in Long Beach, Hollywood's preferred faux-Miami; see: CSI:M, see: Dexter...)

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