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"Monday Mornings" Discussion: Chapters 33-41

Happy Monday! Yes, I thought I'd open with humor. Welcome to another "Monday Mornings" discussion. Our second to last. Only one more week to go! WOO!

For this weeks discussion (with the co-operation of zegeekgirl :) I thought I'd do something different with the format. Truth be told, this change was brought about by a combination of headache, laziness and feeling as though, if I just shared my thoughts, I'd be repeating the same criticisms. So, beneath the cut is a DM conversation Zegeekgirl and I had about this weeks reading. It's been edited a bit for clarity as well as possible excessive use of exclamation points and emoticons.

Me: I just finished the "Monday Mornings" reading. I cannot wait to be done with the book. On the brightside, I'll be more forgiving of David E Kelly.

Zegeekgirl: I know. It's almost shocking to me how much it feels like a treatment for a series. There is SO much here that could be beefed up into a great show, but it fails on almost every level as a novel. Sorry, Sanjay.

Me: Yes! If you stripped it down it could be a show bible. But as a novel it's a mess. Sketchy characterizations. SO MUCH REPETITION. And the inconsistent POV is driving me nuts. I sometimes have to reread a paragraph because I don't know whose head we're in.

Zegeekgirl: I feel like every scene with Villanueva and his kid is exactly the same. And I want to really like that plotline, I want to "Aww" at it. But it is ALL THE SAME. And Tina's additional backstory this time helped a little, but not really. Still don't know why she's so nasty. On the upside, Ty's visit with sis MUST make it to the screen somewhere eventually. I don't care when. But OMFG. *epicflail*

Me: The chapter in which Villanueva goes on and on about believing his son ls a loser who wouldn't amount to anything disturbed me. And then we find out the kid was considering suicide? Yeah, and Dad has played a part in that. And while I get Ty/Tina a smidge more, she's just so...selfish. And whiny. And I feel no sympathy for her.

Zegeekgirl: Frankly, all of that can stay as long as the show deals with it in the way the book is not. You're a terrible father, Gato. Now you need to REALLY own up to that, not just see your kid in a play and think "Hey, he might really turn out OK." Yes, so far the way SG writes her, the fact that she owns up to being selfish doesn't compensate for how selfish she is. The show can fix that but it's going to need a) great writing and b) Jen to bring her A-game. I am still not familiar with her work so I'm counting on her. ;)

Me: Yeah, if the series portrays him as a terrible father I'm OK with it. But Sanjay either doesn't see it or is avoiding going there. There are surgeons who are great parents, but there are also those that are so self-centered and into their work they are not.

Me: Putting aside Jamie is playing Ty, he's the only character I really get. And maybe Park too.

Zegeekgirl: And Sydney! I love Sydney!

Zegeekgirl: I'm not going to go there yet, because TOO EARLY, but at this rate I might start shipping Ty/Sydney. XD

So, what do you all want to add to the conversation? I'd like to add one more thing: Is Michelle heading back to Louisiana? Not only was there a POV issue in the writing, we only get to see the ramifications of her losing her job - her life - through Tina's eyes. As I said last week, Michelle only seems to pop up when she's needed to show us something about another character.

Also, I must confess, I've started skimming a bit. Especially when there is a paragraph that retreads information for the second, third, FOURTH time and that information is to tell us just how awesome these surgeons are. They are the best in their field! THEY SAVE LIVES! Blah, blah, blah. I get it already. REALLY.

Keeping with the ripped from the headlines taken from Twitter theme of this post, I tweeted this on Friday:

@jamiebambernews: Deadline Pilot Update: TNT screening pilots next week, #ChelseaGeneral continues to be hot & likely for series order - Deadline Link.

And Kerry shared this on Saturday:

@ImKerryNorton: @JamieBamberNews And rumour has it that a certain someone is brilliant in it and this could be a breakout role :)

Keep thinking those good thoughts, everyone!

Finally, IMDB now has Chelsea General renamed Monday Morning. While I prefer MM as a title (it's less generic), I always take IMDB updates with a very large grain of salt. Especially when they list MM as a TV movie. We'll wait for a more official announcement from TNT (or Kerry ;), before we start editing anything around here.

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