Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

"Un jour mon père viendra" hits DVD.... in RUSSIA. (WOT?!)

Well bonjour, bel homme. o_O 

So in a completely random bit of home video shenanigans, even though Un jour mon père viendra is not yet on DVD in its native country, it is has just been released in Russia. I know - QUOI?!?! But there we have it.  And thanks to that excellent Russian Hornblower comm that has their finger on the pulse of the news about all the ex-Indy boys, we also have some AMAZING screencaps. Like the one you see above. Oof. 

You can see several more screencaps at the comm HERE.  But here's a teaser (which it should go without saying constitutes SPOILERS of a sort) behind the cut...

EDIT: She just added ten more shots, go look! (HELLO.)

Many thanks to Liliya_M for posting those to drive us a little crazy tide us over until a Region 1 or 2 DVD arrives. ;)

BONUS TRIVIA!: Check this out, because it made me laugh - I did a bit of research (while sitting here during our company luncheon, sipping a Corona - it's Quatro de Mayo! Oh, hush…), and it appears that the Russian title of UJMPV is Papashi 2 (Daddy 2). Which made no sense to me at all… and then I did a little MORE Googling and discovered that Daddy was the Russian title of Les compères, the 1983 Gerard Depardieu/Pierre Richard comedy that bears an ever so slight resemblance to UJMPV in that... uh, it involves two potential fathers and it's French and it's a comedy.  So it would appear that Russia has decided that UJMPV is the sequel to a movie that is nearly 30 years old. Hilarious. ;)
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