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Martian Hari

Limited Edition "Captain Apollo" Cufflinks @ TheNovoGeek

File under "relevant to our interests"...

The Novogeek launched today, and it appears to be (correct me if I'm wrong) a new venture by Anovos to create functional, fun geeky items similar to a the stuff that is carried at ThinkGeek. The hook for this particular site, though, is that each item they offer will only be offered for one week, so you have to act fast if you want them.

The first three items for their launch this month are BSG related (see the link above); I'm already planning on buying the Galactica USB flash drive that's up next week. (So cute! And handy!)  But I really wanted to call attention to THESE:


  • BSG "Captain Apollo" Cufflinks (May 21): These beautiful, high polished aluminum cufflinks faithfully replicates the Captain's rank pins worn by Captain Lee Adama on his various uniforms on Battlestar Galactica. Not only would these rank cufflinks be the envy of every BSG fan, but they also discretely hide your insatiable BSG fandom behind a polished vale of pomp and civility.

Wait - so, finally, someone does a batch of BSG limited edition stuff… and there's only one character-specific item… and it's Lee. LEE FIRST. About effing time. ;)  Approve.

Tags: merchandise, tv: battlestar galactica

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