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"Monday Mornings" Discussion: Chapters 41-48

At last! We're here! The end of "Monday Mornings"! Sorry, for the delay in posting. The day got away from me. But it is still Monday! I choose to look at it as the sun setting, at long last, on "Monday Mornings". The Book because it looks like we are one step closer to "Monday Mornings", the series. :)

But back to the book, Ty, I love you, but what are you thinking?

Here's the briefest of reactions to my reading:


Now, to explain those reactions.

What Part 1 (AKA: Really, Ty, Really?): Though I found the psychology dodgy, it was great to see Ty getting it together, believing his surgical mojo had returned and that he was ready to head back into the OR. However, as he feels better about himself and his surgical skills he decides to ask Allison out on a date?! I had actually feared that might happen, but told myself, repeatedly, Sanjay would NOT go there. OK, I'm apparently wrong, once in awhile.

Even if Ty's error was one another doctor could have easily made. Even if Quinn was going to die anyway (possibly even from some totally unavoidable surgical complication), to ask out the still grieving mother is inconceivable to many on SO MANY levels. Does he plan on telling her Quinn's death in the OR was avoidable? What if something did develop between them? Does he keep his mistake a secret forever? And she said yes! I don't care how hot and nice and financially stable he is, it's weird.

What Part 2 (AKA: I actually though Sanjay was going here, but, still.): Tina is viciously beateng by the scary, violent clinic guy. Who also happens to be the same guy Villanueva stopped from beating up his girlfriend. O_o That's not a clever twist. That's reaching for a twist.

Sadly, while I really wanted to feel horrible for Tina, to be as shocked and sickened as her co-workers, too much of this turn of events was telegraphed. Working at a clinic with little to no security. Working with just one other staff member present much of the time. Choosing to lock up the place, alone, late at night. And the repeated pronouncements by Ty as to how Tina was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. So, of course, her face was going to be beaten beyond recognition.

Even in her last moments in the novel, Sanjay found a way to make me actively dislike Tina. Sure, I suppose it's good she admitted she wasn't much of a mother and treated Ashley as a responsibility. But now it felt as if she was treating her as a badge of honor, showing the world how awesome she, as she leaves her other two children behind, to single-handedly take care of her special needs child.

Ultimately, the only part of Tina's story I liked was her decision to move to Vermont to be some overly idealistic 'country' doctor. Not because of what it meant for Dr. Tina Ridgeway in the novel, but because it was a clear indication the TV series would have to handle Tina differently.

What Part 3 (AKA: OK, I didn't see this coming): THEY KILLED OFF VILLANUEVA! This was probably the one plot twist which paid off since it was only hinted at in the novel. As his ex explained to Nick, this was a man who did not take care of himself and it was simply a matter of time before something like this to happen. Unfortunately, Nick had to be there when it did happen and now carries the guilt of thinking he was the cause.

While I doubt Ving Rhames will be exiting MM anytime soon, if he ever tired of doing a weekly series, Villanueva's life of excess and resulting death in the novel would provide a good out. Then we can watch people complain about his death online and explain IT WAS IN THE BOOK. ;)

You're probably thinking, Hooting's career ending humiliating mistake didn't warrant a WHAT? No, because, more than anything for me that was foreshadowed. Not that I didn't respect how he forced doctors to face their errors in order to make them better doctors (or weed out the bad ones), but he was also so quick to judge. So demanding in his quest for perfection. Add to that his thoughts of retirement and quest for a successor, it seemed inevitable he'd make a stupid, careless mistake himself (one could say a rookie mistake), which would lead to his downfall.

While much of the writing of the middle section of the book was repetitive and the storylines had little momentum, the final eight chapters felt very rushed. That feeling was compounded by the book suddenly going from covering what seemed like weeks in the characters lives, to jumping ahead months, then a year by the books end. SG really needs to work on pacing.

Even as SG seemed in a rush to tie up loose ends, we were left with many unanswered questions. Michelle the Plot Convenience reappeared briefly in order to be at the right place at the right time, only to disappear again once Tina arrived in the ER. Park is seemingly alive at the end of the novel, but, through Ty, we learn he isn't around to perform surgery. Did the tumor grow back? Is he no longer allowed to operate? Did he choose to give up doing surgery in order to spend more time with his family? Nick was seemingly suicidal before his father's death, how is he holding up? And what of the newlyweds, Monique and Sanford? Did they have a boy or a girl? I need to know!

OK, what are everyone else's last words? :)

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