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"Monday Mornings" Discussion: Chapters 41-48
zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: May 8th, 2012 04:08 am (UTC) (Link Me)
Once again, particularly in light of the fact that we are SO close to finding out if MM/CG is going to series, I want to stress the fact that I think there is a great show in here somewhere. It's very difficult gauging *precisely* where the show's strengths might take root without having the pilot script to look at, but I can certainly see limitless potential for correcting the problems in the storytelling in the book and strengthening the character arcs. Not to mention jettisoning some of the more WTF bits.

SUCH AS... yeah. Ty/Allison. It's just... immensely awkward. And let me throw this out there: I don't want to completely discredit the notion that maybe, just maybe, she is the kind of person who *might* be receptive to socializing with the doctor who was responsible for her child's death. Maybe there is something in her background which would allow her to get past that ENORMOUS emotional gulf and go there. But the problem in the book is that we simply don't know enough about Allison. Like most of the supporting characters (and some of the principle ones - hi, Tina!) we have a strong enough notion of her personality through her interactions with the other characters but we don't know nearly enough about what made her who she is and what makes her tick in order to go with SG when he makes these ginormous storytelling leaps. Noooo, no Doc - help me understand this one. Reeally need to understand it! (Particularly because I just recently realized that Alison is being played by Tara Summers, who I like very much and I want her and Jamie to do some really awesome, emotionally raw work that rings true and doesn't take a sharp left turn into "The HELL you say?!" ;) )

I agree that Tina's attack seemed foreshadowed a mile off, and actually the part of the entire sequence that annoyed me the most was probably the Michelle bit, i.e., as you say, she just happened to be there at just the right time to make sure Tina got to the hospital and survived the attack. Sure, I think what SG was going for was mostly to demonstrate that Michelle was, indeed, a really good doctor in the making who unfortunately got screwed by the system - yet, because she only ever seems to ultimately exist to serve other characters's arcs, having her perform that particular necessity in Tina's story seemed like salt in the wound. I really want the show to go to series for... well, reasons (obviously ;) ), but now pretty high up the list is to see Emily Swallow hopefully get to make something way more complex out of Michelle. Like so many elements of the book, there is potential for greatness there, if she can be allowed to be her own entity.

Otherwise, again... a lot of my feelings reflect the same ones I had before. Tina feeling like Ashley was a "responsibility" rather than a daughter didn't quite ring true to me, either - the way SG wrote that dinner table scene sure seemed like she was leaving responsibility for everything, Ashley included, to Mark - but like I said previously, if the show can make me understand *why* Tina made the choices she made, it will go a very long way toward me accepting her. Even if I dislike her. Same with Villanueva and Nick, I want to see that storyline flourish even if it takes a while for George to own up to how his behavior is really affecting the kid, not just try to bond with him over shared experiences.

I will say this - I would not put it past the show to try and incorporate some of the more "shocking" elements of the book, if it goes a full season, into some high-stakes season-ending drama. Having Tina fall victim to an attack, whether she's doing free clinic work at the time or not, is practically built-in cliffhanger material and exactly the kind of thing DEK & co. might zero in on. Ditto George's heart attack (didn't see that coming, either) - which could easily be altered into a near-death experience that sets up a nice emotional second season arc for ol' Ving. (Or, who knows, maybe it will be the plan all along to pull the rug out from under the audience and kill him in the first season finale. It's not like that's without precedent. I see you, Sean Bean. XD )

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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: May 8th, 2012 04:09 am (UTC) (Link Me)

Once again, Sydney ended up with the most satisfying and believable arc. Albeit a conclusion which I do doubt they will integrate into the show anytime soon. ;) But I would very much like to see her sort of kindred-spirit bond with Hooten become something the show plays with a little. Does that eventually become an issue with the way the other doctors perceive her? Like she's in too deep with the boss man, and that alienates her? Good potential there. Ditto Park, who I'm really starting to think might have a better potential on the show if he had a less Defcon-5 level illness, you know? Something that would force him to take a leave but not keep him out of the OR indefinitely, and certainly not have such a short-term survival rate; there's wonderful potential for an ongoing storyline about a doctor struggling to maintain their passion despite a physical limitation.

OK, as usual, way too much blather from me. Someone else say something. ;)
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