Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

'John Doe' Teaser Poster released

No, we're not quite done with Bamberpalooza Spring 2012 yet ;)  Steve Coates (@wetroads), the screenwriter of Jamie's movie John Doe, tweeted a link to the film's production company website today because they've just released a teaser poster....

Oh, WHUT? Yeeeeeah. Creeper killer Jamie is a waxy-faced creeper. With cold, dead doll-eyes (That I'm pretty confident aren't actually his - hello there, Photoshop. ;) )

Now is probably a good time to point out, too, that we've been sitting on this photo for a couple of months now - didn't seem worth posting at the time because, yet again... creepy mask is creepy is the main theme. (Probably IS him under there, but no way to tell for sure.)  Anyway, since we have a poster too now, good a time as any to include it:

(Also, NO idea which look is actually the mask John Doe sports in the film. I prefer the second one myself.)

FYI, we did ask Steve recently when we might see a teaser trailer, and he said "very soon" - i.e. probably noncommittal because they're still working on post. So hopefully sooner end of soon? (I will say this - it's not like I have any illusions about the type of movie this is or what the tone of the trailer will likely be. I'm pretty open minded about the movie itself. It'd be really nice to see his face at least once in the teaser, though. And not just because it's pretty. He uses it.... to act with. A LOT. And he's rather good at at. ;) )
Tags: film: john doe

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