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'Body of Proof' Renewed for a Third Season

OMG, They Did! After many in the media believed it to be a goner, word came last night that ABC decided not to burst Body of Proof's bubble (Get it. It was a bubble show. Yeah, I know, LAME, but I had to do it!) and renew the series for a thirteen episode Season 3.

Why is this Jamie Bamber news? The producers, writers and stars of the show have all expressed how much they enjoyed working with Jamie and there was this behind the scenes clip in which we learned there were plans for Jamie's Aiden Wells to return if Season 3 became a reality. Of course, it's much too early to know if Jamie/Aiden will be back. Jamie would need to get an OK from TNT (not as tricky as it used to be since many actors now appear on two series on different networks) and there would have to be no scheduling conflicts.

Still, it's been a week full of good news for Jamie, so we'll imagine his initial reaction was something like this:

And just a quick reminder that Jamie is appearing at Ottawa Comiccon this weekend. His Q&A isn't until tomorrow afternoon (hopefully the internet will be generous and we'll have links/vids/photos to post), but he has photo ops and autograph sessions today. Already on Twitter I'm seeing comments as to how "super hot in person" and "nice" he is. Yeah, we know. ;)
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