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Happy Upfronts Day! (aka Wednesday Mornings)

 4:45 PST - PHOTO UPDATE! - Finally, we have something of the cast. Not ideal, it's watermarked, but hey... 

Right now, this post is pretty dull and boring. (Not any more - see above. ;) There is a second pic similar to this behind the cut text below...) That's because I'm putting it here in advance of today's TNT Upfront presentation in New York (9:30 AM EST), so that myself, asta77 and all of you will have a place to bounce any photos and links covering Jamie and the Monday Mornings cast and creators' press debut.

So hey, comment away; I'll spruce this bit up here up with a photo when I get one. (Or maybe video? Come on, guys, we need a clip. Do it. Clip or else I want an explanation from Ted Turner himself*. ;) )

*slight exaggeration

And HERE is that amazing pic of Jamie and Mary McDonnell that TNT tweeted:

UPDATE: Okay, TNT have a page up for the show on their site now with this spiffy banner; no trailer yet, though:

UPDATE #2: Have added the TNT PR feed's photo of Jamie with Mary McDonnell (above); hopefully the first of more pics from them. Will move it down and add a cast shot if we get one (come on, guys First cast shot posted above; here's another one:

See comments below for more pics direct from the fabulous Kerry (who can totally have the title of JBN roving reporter today, if she wants it. ;) )

UPDATE #3: Aaaand Jennifer Finnigan just tweeted this (Between her and Kerry - ladies, you totally won the Upfronts news cycle. ;) ) - "
#TNT Upfronts today went great, now napped and ready to go out again! Just said bye 2our awesome cast #mondaymornings"...

5/17: OMG, and Sarayu Rao just tweeted this "And of course, the serious shot...":

Bahahaha - JAMIE. I damn near fell out of my chair. XD  (Also, it's cracking me up for some reason that the lady on her phone in back who is photobombing them, however unintentionally, is in the exact same position. I am amused by the smallest things. ;) )

UPDATE #4: Still no trailer yet (we'll nudge @TNTPR if it doesn't turn up by mid-day-ish), but there's an interview with TNT/TBS bossman Michael Wright at TV Guide; this is the relevant-to-our-interests part:
TV Guide Magazine: Let's talk about TNT. How do David E. Kelley and Monday Mornings fit into that network's program strategy?
Wright: I think we've identified a couple of key audiences on TNT that we're really enthused about, we know they come to us for certain kinds of shows. We're not making one show repeatedly, we're making several different kinds of shows that have a similar tone to them. You'll hear us at the upfront talk about a "popcorn mindset." That doesn't mean low-brow action flicks, what it means is there's a sense of excitement and entertainment and going on a great ride with TNT drama.
Some might call Monday Mornings a medical procedural. I really don't. What David does better than anybody is create phenomenal characters, memorable, distinct interesting characters and he mines the drama of inter-personal conflict. It has that wonderfully familiar David E. Kelley mixture of ironic humor and intense emotion. I think it's a great compliment to the brand. It's a smart, emotionally engaging ride of a genre.
TV Guide Magazine: And as a bonus, you have the Turner synergy of CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta as a producer.
Wright: He's one of those people that if he wasn't such a fantastic human being, you'd hate him for all that he has accomplished. It's amazing. He is a world-class surgeon, he's a writer, a television personality, and by all accounts an amazing father and family man. Just an all-around great guy. So it doesn't surprise me for his first foray in TV he hooks up with David E. Kelley. The two of them, it's one of the best pilots I've ever seen. That's a pretty A+ team.

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