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Un jour mon père viendra: Discussion Thread
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: June 27th, 2012 02:27 am (UTC) (Link Me)
David E Kelly being at the helm of Monday Mornings, but now part of me is really looking forward to how Jamie will handle any potential wackiness. :)

Oh, I can see the show successfully avoiding the over-the-top level of DEKisms and yet still finding some room for humor that would give Jamie a chance to flex those chops. ;) Will be disappointed too if it doesn't.

It just seemed so out of place in the film. There had to be another way to get rid of him.

The more I think about it, the more that entire scene does feel out of place. They were in a cafe, couldn't he have ordered something and not realized it had something in it he was allergic to, forcing Bernard and Gus to rush him to the hospital and conveniently take his place then? Done and done. ;) (Or maybe he just has a sudden heart attack. There are options!)

AND if I recall correctly, Stephen is loosely based on Andre Agassi and both he and his wife Steffi Graf shared difficult relationships with their fathers.

Aha, that would make sense. ;) I had a feeling you'd feel the same way about that. And like I noted when we were chatting with charlsie_esq before - the film isn't that long. They could have easily cut a couple of minutes of montaging early on and added five minutes of strong character development. When Bernard asks to know how they met, why not give Chloe a couple of extra lines in which she owns up to having started out with stars in her eyes because no one like him had ever paid her attention like that before. Yet the more she got to know him, she realized that having a meaningful relationship was more important to him than all the money and fame because he never had that from his father. She obviously knew a bit herself about being let down by a parent, and at that point in her eyes he became just Stephen and not OMG STEPHEN ASTARTI, and then she fell in love and I'M RE-WRITING THE SCRIPT NOW, STOP ME. ;)

Another way to show a connection was to give give Chloe a strong musical background since Olivia is a singer

I really like this idea, personally. The thing is, I wonder if Valente & co. would have deliberately avoided that because they would have wanted the character of Chloe to be independent of Olivia's persona as a performer. To our eyes, it wouldn't make much difference but she's such a big star over there, the French public might have had a harder time seeing her in a fictional role if she was singing, too. (I actually went so far as to wonder whether they deliberately styled her hair-up because IRL, Olivia always wears her hair loose. That's kind of her "look"; in this her hair's almost always pinned up or back!)
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