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News Round Up

This weekend actress Bonnie Wright, @thisisbwright, tweeted some news that took those of us on Twitter by surprise:

First of all.....lucky girl! Second, zegeekgirl investigated what film Bonnie was referring to and it's Shakespeare's Daughter. A very brief description of the film is up at IMDB and the website of the film's production company, Elemental Cinema: Eugene Devlin, a once famous, now reclusive poet, searches through his past, looking for redemption and peace.

While fairly confidant Bonnie was Bonnie (and not a Twitter imposter), we opted to get further confirmation of Jamie's involvement in the film. What we can tell you is Jamie is currently in Vermont filming a small role and, given it's a small role, there exists the possibility it might not be included in the final cut of the movie. But keep a good thought!

ETA: Thanks to @Liliya_Ms, here's an interview with filmmakers Aaron and Billy Sharff about Shakespeare's Daughter. The interview is from November and it would seem the production was moved from winter to summer, the shooting location changed and there have been some cast changes. Typical for many film productions.

In Monday Mornings news, last week there was a screening of the pilot for cast, crew and family as Kerry was able to attend with Jamie. She tweeted a few thoughts which I've edited together for ease of reading:
Wow. It does not disappoint. Performances are all excellent. It is moving and funny with some very poignant moments captured in the humour. The transitions between the fast and slow paced scenes Bill D'elia has executed seamlessly. There is drama, suspense, comedy and heartache...And what we are all eager to hear... Mr Bamber is H.O.T. And brilliant. Move over McDreamy there's a new surgeon in town.

And producer/director Bill D'Elia, @billdelia, conducted an interview with in which he mostly discussed the cancellation of "Harry's Law", but there was a significant mention of Monday Mornings:

“Monday Mornings,” a medical drama based on a book by CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. TNT ordered 10 episodes, typical for cable; that’s less than the 13 ordered for fall TV network shows. If renewed, “Harry’s Law” would have resumed production in late July. “Monday Mornings” starts production in mid-September.

Now, for those of us attending Fan Expo Canada or Dragon*Con in August a start date of mid-September certainly increases the chances Jamie can attend the conventions. Of course, I'll believe it when I see him. ;)

Photos! Below the cut is a MM cast photo (and detail of Jamie) from TNT's recent upfront presentation. I'm using LJ's now Scrapbook for the first time, so lets see how this works.



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