Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

"Perception" 1x02: Discussion Thread


Sooo it's our first discussion thread for Jamie's Perception guest arc. It will be a bit of a wait (about a month, boooo!) until his second ep, so enjoy it and pitch in, folks! (Then again, maybe best that we are pacing it a little; after these eps no new nothing until Monday Mornings hits, hopefully in winter and not next summer. Unless we get a pleasant surprise on the John Doe front...)

Enough prognosticatin', though - come back and discuss episode 1x02,"Faces" after the show tonight! (Will post a screen cap to spruce this post up once we have some...)  Caps now posted! (See above. HELLO NAVY JUMPER, YOU'RE QUITE NICE AREN'T YOU? ;)  More after the cut...

I will be back with thoughts in comments tomorrow - I have LOADS (both pos and neg... the A plot of this one bored me to tears, darn it) - but in the meantime, here are more caps...

Also, I require a GIF of the stammery-twitch-flinch thing Jamie did when Daniel insults Hathaway's book. Because COMEDY. I had to roll that back twice, I laughed so hard. So, someone get on that please? Grazie. ;)  SOMEONE DID. OK, it's in black and white, but I'll take what I can get...

WHAT is your FACE, Bamber?! *dying* ♥

Right, screencaps...

prcp00015 prcp00022 prcp00059 prcp00060 prcp00074 prcp00075 prcp00076 prcp00081 prcp00082 prcp00084

EDIT (7/18) There is now video up with Eric McCormack discussing Jamie's character and more about the episode...


Also, in case anyone is familiar with Eric's character from his Will & Grace days... well this made me laugh, I'll just leave this right here. ;) ...

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