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FanExpo Canada Coverage Thread

So once again asta77 and I thought it wise to open a thread for any good coverage that comes out of Jamie's FanExpo appearance this weekend. Both of us are out and about and/or prepping our D*C trips so by all means, post any additional great links/pics in the comments! (The photo above is by "The CJM" and was posted on Flickr; there's another lovely shot here.)

Clip-wise: No one seems to have posted Jamie's entire Q&A yet (which was yesterday) but there's a clip of him busting out the French and Italian in one go. ;) 

And then there's this 14-second clip of Jamie quoting EJO's classic line from Blade Runner (sadly without the impression this time ;) ), which given that it was posted without any context is a little weird. Although I have a feeling I know the context based solely on the line itself. (I debated even posting this because it's so out-of-context, but it's Jamie and it's Blade Runner so my wee nerd heart couldn't help myself...)

EDIT: Actually, this guy posted several more clips; Check them all out here!

EDIT #2 (8/26): Helloooo there, good sir. ;) (Thanks to our Russian friend Liliya_M for the heads up on these; see the rest of the shots at Contact Music):

EDIT #3: Oh, haaaaay Bambi. ;) MORE PICS. (These are from Saturday.)


EDIT #4 (8/28): Just over two minutes worth of video of the panel! Fingers crossed this person adds more, but thanks to them for this anyway. ;)

Add any additional good stuffs below. Go on, go on, go on go on go on. </mrs-doyle>
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