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Jamie Bamber Fan Expo Canada Panel
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shoelesslucy From: shoelesslucy Date: August 29th, 2012 07:01 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Weeeell, since you asked:
I don’t think it made a whole lot of sense within the story, as they made a point out of how they were running low on resources at several times. Even putting that aside it seemed weird that Lee would indulge himself while life on the planet was so harsh. Secondly I just couldn’t quite buy it from Lee’s character. I think he would have hardened and grown resentful after what Kara did, not just let go (that’s also what they ultimately went with but why the interlude?). I would have been okay with them tackling the theme of depression but they didn’t really follow through with it. Was he depressed or did he just settle in with his new wife? Jamie seems to lean more in the second direction, but people tend to gain a few pounds in a new relationship when they’re happy not borderline depressed, so idk...

The other thing is the fan reaction to it. I’m fine with having a bit of a laugh about it (and let’s face it, his face was just far too orange...). But all the trash talk it gets just makes me uncomfortable and the show is partially responsible, because they essentially portrayed it as gluttony and ridiculed him (not to mention Adama’s comments). And then the fan reactions: apparently his extra weight makes it impossible to take him seriously as a character, even though he actually does some important stuff during those epis. But the way people seem to dismiss him like he’s just a cartoon figure (not to mention acting like his chubbiness disgusts them) is almost offensive.
However: I do love Jamie for A) not ever feeding into this and B) for doing it in the first place, because it shows that he doesn’t buy into the whole Hollywood vanity too much and I’m not sure many actors (especially young male leads) would have done that.

(I’m glad they didn’t go with the glasses though as that wouldn’t have made a lot of sense either, why should he have developed bad eye sight within a year and wouldn’t that be a problem when he went back into the cockpit…).

I knew this would get out of hand ;) sorry for the rambliness!
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