The First Evil (asta77) wrote in jamiebambernews,
The First Evil

Dragon*Con 2012 Day 1

Day one of Dragon*Con provided one awesome BSG panel featuring Trucco, Jamie, Grazier. Hatch and Katee. I know people recorded the entire panel and I hope they post. Unfortunately, I soon discovered I wasn't up to holding up a camera, which had some balance issues (you'll see from the clips I did record), for an hour. We have three more days of BSG/Bamber goodness and we will post more pics and videos when time allows. In the meantime, some more goodies behind the cut.

Feel free to caption this photo.

.....And this one.

More photos can be found HERE on Photobucket.

Jamie and Katee discuss Lee and Kara.

Jamie on 'Fat Lee'

Jamie answers a 'Doctor Who' question.

Feel free to snag or repost any photos or video, but please credit Jamie Bamber News and no watermarking of the photos. Thanks. :)
Tags: convention: dragon con
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