Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

Dragon*Con 2012 Day 2

Hellooooo everyone - a somewhat shorter post than last nights as we're all out to meet with friends shortly. But basically: asta77 will upload video from today at a later date from her camera (GREAT stuff, including a hell of an introduction, a really lovely bit where he talks about Kerry, and an impromptu Clint Eastwood/empty chair joke. ;) ).

However I have some pics I was able to upload now from today's panel. Sadly, Katee was absent (we're not sure why, but she was running late it seemed and then she didn't make it. :( ), however the rest were there and Aaron Douglas popped in. I took LOTS of pics, so what I decided to do was just throw EVERYTHING into my Photobucket account for the time being (plus yesterday's pics, too) and let you guys browse the whole thing. So... yeah. Knock yourselves out. Maybe that'll make up for the wait for video!

Photobucket gallery is HERE! (There are great pics of Katee, Trucco, Callis, Aaron etc. too in this batch.)

Also... we juuuust might have a VERY cool exclusive to share, as soon as we are able to get it posted. It will be a little bit longer a wait than the pics/video. But we think it'll be worth it. ;)
Tags: convention: dragon con, photos: convention

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