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Dragon*Con 2012: The Last Post?
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asta77 From: asta77 Date: September 10th, 2012 05:39 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
(They were still on the "menu" right there under autographs ;)

That reminds me! There was that cute moment on Friday (I think) where the woman next to us pointed out that under his list of credits (BSG, LOUK, soon to be seen in 'Monday Mornings')'Hornblower' wasn't listed. Which led Jamie to pick up the sign and a black pen and commence adding 'Hornblower' as well as 'Band of Brothers' and 'Daniel Deronda'. I think we were momentarily "WTF?" when he added 'Daniel Deronds' until you remembered Tom Hooper was the director.

I'm eternally self-conscious about monopolizing someone's time when there are other fans who want a moment as well.

Me too. And, unless I'm going to be super brief, I really hate going up to anybody's table to just chat. I always feel like I should be paying for their time if I'm going to ramble on. ;p And I definitely was more chatty because there were never more than a few people in line behind us. I got the same impression with James, Michael and Richard (who were seated by Jamie) that they felt they could talk more with people since they didn't have a huge group waiting for them. Honestly, I only recall a few really big lines - for The Guild group, RDA and Gillian Anderson. John Barrowman's line wasn't short, but not long either. Even the 'True Blood' folks had very short or no lines, which rather shocked me.
zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: September 10th, 2012 05:51 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Yeah, The Guild line was always understandably long because it was ALL of them. And Nichelle Nichols' line was quite long that Sunday; though I really wanted to introduce myself related to a promo we're doing at work, had I waited in that line I wouldn't have been able to get where we needed to be for the Firefly panel. :/
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