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Bamber News of the Week

The last couple of days there has been quite a bit of Jamie and Monday Mornings related news. While I know you all aren't adverse to Jamie related spam here, I still thought it best to save up the information and simply do an end-of-week wrap up. ;)

The doctor will be in.....early!

According to TNT's Monday Mornings site and newly created Twitter account, @MondayMornTNT, the series is now set to premiere February 2013! WOO! That sure beats the summer 2013 debut we heard about after the pilot pick-up.

A Facebook page has also been set up for the show including a Gallery with a whole bunch of photos from the pilot. In addition to the one above there are a couple more of Jamie.

And TNT sent out a press release to announce the start of production.

In Other News.....

IMDB now has Shakespeare's Daughter listed as Before I Sleep. IMDB is not the most reliable source of information, and the film's production company hasn't changed the title on their site, but given films and TV series frequently undergo name changes (See: Chelsea General, now Monday Mornings ;), this may be accurate.

Saving the best for last, nine years ago, on September 20th, Jamie and Kerry became husband and wife (or the Bamber-Norton-Griffiths as we sometimes like to say :). Kerry, very generously, shared a photo from that very special day on Twitter. How gorgeous and happy are these two?

Thank you for all the lovely, heartfelt wishes for our anniversary. Here is a photo from the happy day nine years ago.

— Kerry Norton (@ImKerryNorton) September 20, 2012
Tags: film: shakespeare's daughter, kerry, tv: monday mornings

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