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'Monday Mornings': Bits 'n' Bobs of News Updates!

Soooo, we've got some odds 'n' ends news about Monday Mornings that has surfaced over the past few weeks, mostly via Twitter. We've been trying to save up for a big post, but... well, it's a decent-sized post. Still, some of it's potentially exciting! :)

— Let's do the exciting part first: Kerry tweeted this out yesterday, causing a fair amount of on-the-spot speculation to begin:

Both asta77 and myself instantly wondered if it might be Ioan Gruffudd - which I will grant you is mainly wishful thinking on our parts. ;) BUT... given that she said "JB fans" and not "BSG fans" we wondered if that would indicate it was someone Jamie worked with on a non-BSG project? Of course, it certainly could be another BSG alum... that's a big cast and many of them are LA based now. The other out-of-the-box former co-star that would probably make me over the moon giddy would be Bradley Walsh... but I'd count that as seriously unlikely not only because he's London-based but going off of Emilia di Girolamo's recent tweets, LOUK is about to resume production again. And I have another guess too, but since it is a book spoiler I will leave it for the spoiler section I'm adding at the end of the post!

(Also worth nothing: dramaturgca asked Kerry if it might be her own self, to which she replied "Haha I said exciting not frightening! ;-) " Oh, Kerry... dear woman, don't you dare sell yourself short. It would be hugely exciting! So there! ;) )

— In other news, actor/director Mario Van Peebles is directing at least one episode, as evidenced by the tweet that MM's make-up artist Jori Jenae posted yesterday.

— Jori also recently mentioned a big cast photo shoot that took place. (No behind the scenes photo evidence of that, sadly, so we'll keep hanging tight till it turns up!) And she tweeted today that of the season order, they have three episodes left to shoot.

— Also, it was mentioned on our Twitter a while back but I don't think we posted it here yet: veteran actor Hal Holbrook is guest starring on the show. (Set pics did get tweeted of this, including Sarayu Rao and Ewan Chung. Well he is pretty much a legend. ;) )

— IMDb appears to have some episode titles posted: There are listings for "Deus Ex Machina" and "Forks Over Knives," although I wouldn't trust the episode order or dates one iota at this point. (It's IMDb, of course, so it's never entirely trustworthy this far out from when a show hits - but for example, one of them is listed as airing two days *before* the pilot. HUH?)

Alright, now for the potential SPOILERS part of our update. I will point out that this stuff is mostly spoilery only if you did not read the book! But I don't recall some of our regulars participating in the book discussions, and if anyone stops by via social media I'm assuming you guys won't want to be spoiled so just in case....

(do de do de do, obligatory spoiler space)

— Here is a short interview segment that I found on Hulu with actress Tara Summers, who is of course playing a recurring arc on Monday Mornings this first season. Pay close attention to what she says about her character...

EDIT: Damn, the video embed doesn't seem to be working (typical Hulu), so CLICK HERE to go straight to to watch the clip there.

SPOILERS: Okay, so... if you read the book, you know who her character Allison McDaniel is. And when she says "one of the surgeons" you know EXACTLY who she is talking about. (Alright, perhaps there is a chance they would hook her up with someone else, but that seems unlikely.) There was some discussion when we reached this point of the book (which is near the end BTW) about if the show would go down this route with the characters; at the time, I recall that we thought it wouldn't be out of the question for them to make something rather interesting out of it provided that it's fleshed out better than it is in the book, where it reads as a bit out of left field and really teetering on unrealistic. (It's hard for me to expand on why unless I really get into spoilers... we can do so in the comments for anyone who really wants to talk about it! I'm game.) Anyway, yeah... lots to speculate about.

—  My guess as to who the mystery guest star might be that is possibly a bit spoiler-ish: Anastasia Griffith. And the reason why it's spoilery is also total speculation on my part, but... if you read the book, you may remember that there is a bit where Ty travels to Arizona to visit his sister. How amazing would it be if they cast Jamie's sister as his sister?!?!! Yeah... that would be pretty exciting. Now watch that not be it AT ALL. ;)

And that about wraps it up! For now. (I don't imagine we'll have a ton to post until after the new year when the premiere gets quite close, but we'll see!)
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