Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

New 'Monday Mornings' BTS Video + The Return of GOLF PICS. ;)

Okay, so actual news first - There is an excellent 3 1/2 minute behind the scenes video of Sanjay Gupta giving us a tour of the Monday Mornings sets that just got uploaded to IMDb, of all places. (It's not on TNT's site or YouTube channel yet; we must thank MM supporting cast member Ewan Chung for the heads up!) It's Flash only so it may give some a bit of trouble (it won't play on my iPad), but HERE is the link! Couple of screenshots below:


Next, remember the Seve Ballesteros Legends golf tournament we were more-excited-than-usual-about-Jamie-playing-golf-because-lets-be-honest-it-happens-A-LOT about? ;) And why? (Ioan Gruffudd was also scheduled to participate); well, the good news is we have that Hornblower reunion pic on the green. The bad news... well...

Yeah, it's not what we were hoping for, is it? But there it is. Eyyyy. ;) You can see all of the photos they posted HERE at their website; a couple of others (including a rather good one of Jamie, actually) behind the cut...

(Oh, and thank you anteros_lmc for finding those pics!)
Tags: photos: charity event, tv: monday mornings, video: monday mornings
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