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Ioan Gruffudd to Guest Star on "Monday Mornings"
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: December 18th, 2012 06:02 pm (UTC) (Link Me)
Okay, I did say I was going to leave a substantive comment about the episode guide, I guess I should try and live up to that. ;) I'm doing it in bullet points though. For once, I'm too tired to be too wordy...

• We already knew because of an actor who was cast recently and the description of his character, but nice to see them bringing Park's storyline with the woman with tremors who ends up a nympho after surgery from the book. Provided they don't overplay the hand, it should be an interesting mix of humor + SRS BSNS sticky legal wranglings.

• Hal Holbrook's arc sounds quite similar to an LOUK episode from Season 5 (with the revered veteran doctor held accountable on account of his old age making him negligent.) Rather looking forward to it anyway, though, because OMFG Hal Holbrook. ♥ (There are some good guest stars here, beyond His Gruffuddness. Mercedes Ruehl! Anthony Heald!)

• So in episode 1.06, Ty and Tina are talking a soldier through treating a grievous head remote?! AWESOME.

• Interesting that they are going down a much more dramatic arc with Villanueva's son, although they certainly could touch on the uneasy relationship stuff from the book leading up to that. (Important to remember these are just bare bones capsule synopses, there'll be plenty per ep that doesn't get mentioned here...)

• Also interesting that Tina's husband sounds much more aggressively wronged in the show than he does in the book.


• Given the final chapters of the book, the "one of Chelsea General's own" bit in the finale is probably Tina. Although there is no mention in any of this of the free clinic work she did in the book, which of course was the situation in which she was assaulted, they may very well have moved it to CG if they decided to eliminate that plotline (or move it to a later season, if they get more?). Of course, there are no guarantees, it could be someone else...

More thoughts, anyone? I have a meeting, gotta run...

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