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Jamie Bamber to Appear in "Star Trek Continues"

Taking a break from freeing children's toys from their packaging strongholds in order to wrap them (Happy Holidays Everyone! :), I took a quick peak at my Twitter freed to see a series of tweets regarding Jamie's latest project. He was barely out of scrubs and now he's in a space suit!

I really hope he has his Christmas shopping done if he's working this weekend. Kerry said this was her last day. :)

OK, I keep digressing. So, piecing together what I could, the project is Star Trek Continues, a web series based on the original Star Trek series which aims to continue the show's original five year voyage.....that was cut short be NBC. ;)

According to Chris White, ChrisWhiteHQ, one of the people involved in the production, Jamie was at work today on the series first full length episode, "PILGRIM OF ETERNITY". I'm assuming Jamie's involvement will be limited to one webisode (especially given how he looks in some of the photos below) since he's not listed amongst the series cast. Oh, hey there Mythbusters Grant Imahara as Mr. Sulu! Awww, and Chris Doohan is stepping into his dad's shoes for Scotty.

For more information (I hope!) you can also follow on Twitter, TrekContinues and actor (Captain Kirk) / director, Vic Mignogna vicmignogna.

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