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Martian Hari

'Monday Mornings' At Turner TCA Press Tour Winter 2013

Today was the first day of the Television Critics Association winter press tour, and of course Monday Mornings was a big part of Turner's presentation. ALL the talent together in one place, including DEK and Gupta. Hurrah!  Many great pics, and some worthwhile links worth checking out. But first.... DAT SUIT:


(In case anyone's wondering: Armani. Thanks for the fashion report, Kerry. ;) ♥)

Here are a few links worth checking out: Zap2It; Hollywood Reporter; The Talking Box. Also do check out the JBN Twitter feed, as asta77 did a bang-up job following along with the live tweets and sharing the best ones. (Highlight: When a reporter asked Jamie if he was done with LOUK (?!), he pointed out they clearly hadn't been watching: "I took a big, fat bullet right through the heart. I've been dead for a couple of years." That's our boy. ;) DO YOUR HOMEWORK, journos, for gods sake. *facepalm*)

You can see a bunch of pics from the panel and press room HERE, but some highlights are behind the cut...

(Photos by Christopher Wolk (c) Wireimage)
Tags: photos: event, tv: monday mornings

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