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It's Your Friday "Monday Mornings" Round-Up!

Trying to decide if the PR department is oblivious or totally into fan service. ;)

That awesome screencap is Dr. Ty Wilson's page from TNT's Monday Mornings site. Which is now live! Well, technically, it's been live for awhile, but there wasn't much in the way of content that couldn't be found elsewhere on the net. All that has been rectified. There's quite a bit to peruse (I'd recommend checking out the rest of the behind the scenes photos on the site), but zegeekgirl used her capping and coding skills to pull the best photos of Jamie (which we haven't already posted).

Recently, Jamie and Jennifer Finnegan participated in a conference call with members of the media. Last night, Jamie Steinberg, of the Starry Constellation Magazine website, posted a transcript from the conference call. Jamie and Jennifer did a great job of providing in-depth, thoughtful answers and insight into the show and their characters.

If you haven't yet read Dr. Sanjay Gupta's Monday Mornings, maybe a pretty new cover featuring the cast will entice you to do so? has announced the novel will be released in paperback on January 22nd. Or you may just want to pick up a second copy with the new and improved cover art. If your into buying second copies of stuff you already have. Not that I know anything about that personally.

We've mentioned a few premiere dates for Monday Mornings outside of the U.S. previously, but our plan is to post a complete list prior to the February 4 debut here in the states. In some cases, there are premiere dates, but no times yet with some broadcast announcements. And, sadly, there is still no word on MM airing in the UK (TNT doesn't have their own outlet there and relies on selling their programming to other networks), but several of their shows do air in the UK and, with the names attached to this project, we're hopeful.

Finally, there is some news that as nothing to do with MM or even Jamie....for the moment...but may be of interest to some. Today, Dragon*Con announced Ioan Gruffudd as a guest for this years convention. While Ioan has a sci-fi connection having appeared in two Fantastic Four films, I can't imagine the idea of a Hornblower reunion hasn't crossed the minds of some D*C folks. And Jamie and Ioan share a convention agent in Erin Grey. So, you never know what might happen. Schedules permitting, of course. I can't stress that last bit enough.
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