Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

"Inside the Character: Ty Wilson" Clip + YouTube and iTunes Season Passes Now Available!

First things first: Outstanding (if a mere 45 seconds) clip of Jamie discussing his Monday Mornings character just went up on YouTube. Check it! (and swoon):

Second, if you actually look at the clip on the YouTube page it lives on, you will notice a green button that says "From $15.99" at the bottom; it would appear TNT is selling season passes for its shows on YouTube now, as they do on iTunes. (Am figuring you purchase it then can watch online and in YouTube apps as much as you want. No info on if you can also download digital copies or not.)  Anyway, click that and looks like you can already purchase MM for YouTube now if you are inclined to do so. ;) (It also doesn't say how soon after airdates the episodes will be available.)

UPDATE: The iTunes Season Pass for Monday Mornings is available now, too! This, it is likely, is also a US Only thing however if you have the UK or another version of the iTunes store, check the links and see what happens!

iTunes Monday Mornings Season Pass: High Definition ($23.99)
iTunes Monday Mornings Season Pass: Standard Definition ($15.99)

Wouldn't leave you without some screenshots, now would we? ;)

Tags: tv: monday mornings, video: monday mornings

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