Martian Hari (zegeekgirl) wrote in jamiebambernews,
Martian Hari

Jamie Bamber TV Guide Magazine Interview + UK AIRDATE NEWS, Finally! ;)

Hi everyone - first off, something guaranteed to put a smile on your faces: Jamie being reliably gorgeous and charming. Sitting in some random TV Guide employee's cubicle. LIKE A BOSS. ;)

Second - FINALLY! We have UK airdate news for Monday Mornings! According to TVWise, it's been announced that FOX (formerly FX UK) has picked up the British broadcast rights to the show with a target ETA of this summer. FOX is home to TNT shows Falling Skies and Leverage (which is still airing its final season there), as well as The Walking Dead, Louie and several others. So, good news for our UK peeps and potentially good news for everyone regarding the future of the show.

BTW, about the last couple of days' ratings quarterbacking: this Los Angeles Times article that hit today is VERY interesting with regard to TNT's current and future outlook. First of all, the quotes from the exec seem to indicate that they are aware of a larger issue with selling their programming as best they can. (asta77 and I have been privately discussing this a bit, be happy to expand in the comments if you want ;) Here's a starter: That TV Guide clip above with Jamie is so appealing, why was it not released before the show premiered? Why were the cast not booked on more talk shows? Discuss.)  Anyway, the overriding theme is that TNT's push is for yet MORE original programming, which would make it seem very odd to contemplate that MM won't at least get to air out a full season. What do they have to replace it with at the moment besides Castle reruns? Not original. 

EDIT: Oh, one more thing dramaturgca reminded me of: The Monday Mornings pilot is currently FREE on iTunes to download, even if you didn't buy the season pass. Even if you watched live or DVR it, if you use iTunes... download it. Why not? Those Live+7 numbers will only go up if you do ;)
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