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"Monday Mornings" Episode 1x03 Discussion Thread: "Who's Sorry Now?"
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: February 19th, 2013 06:31 am (UTC) (Link Me)
Yes, precisely because his emotional tether has been so short for the first two episodes, I feel like we finally, actually met the real Ty tonight. And he is pretty much exactly as I wanted him to be... rather heroic, and also rather an asshat. ;) Which you are correct in noting that Jamie is particularly good at pulling off while still remaining likeable and engaging. Still, noble asshattery is still asshattery; the way he oh-so cavalierly chatted Brian (or whatever he said his name was at the time) through signing that consent form was pure tsk-tsk material. And Hooten rightly called him out for it just as much as Michelle rightly stuck up for him, despite her own personal misgivings, for making a call that no one else would have the balls to make. The pendulum actually does swing both ways here, and I really appreciated that the episode managed to capture all of that. (Good point, though, with the "how long was he supposed to wait?" angle; how many families of men with the wrong name might they have contacted instead, besides?)

Keong had a LOT to work with in this episode, and though in the context of everything else going on it felt a bit rushed, he managed to pull off a pretty believable transition from Park, standoffishness with the pamphlet lady to his remorseful conclusion. The script this week, IMO, also made big strides toward balancing his language struggle with the other aspects of his character.

You know, for all the cuteness of Sydney & Lieberman and her barking at Gato (hee!) in the hallway, etc. I think my favorite bit was the end of the Sydney/Hooten moment and that little smile he sneaks in. I remember saying I thought it would be interesting if the show played with the notion in the book that Hooten sees a bit of a kindred spirit in Sydney and she is sort of his favorite; that could be something that creates friction with her colleagues but could be played out in interesting ways.

Advocating one way or the other or not, we do know he *is* involved with Tina. ;) IMO, though, we still have yet to really see the two of them engage without Ty's guilt hanging over them like a shroud; the only real moment we got that is the first OR scene in the pilot before it all went to hell. I feel like we still haven't been given a clear enough picture of how that relationship works yet. Maybe next week?

That's a hellhole? Maybe the MM location scout cleaned it up a little, but it looks like a fairly innocuous, cozy little dive bar. My kind of place. ;)

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