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"Monday Mornings" Episode 1x03 Discussion Thread: "Who's Sorry Now?"
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zegeekgirl From: zegeekgirl Date: February 19th, 2013 06:47 am (UTC) (Link Me)
A few more comments that don't pertain to my reply (see above):

- Overall, this was *handily* the bet episode so far. Best pacing, best balance of character development vs. conflict and resolution. I'm not saying there isn't still room for yet more improvement; it could still stand to dig deeper into where each of these people are coming from and what drives their decisions, but I see some progress in that direction that was absent or just didnt quite stick the landing in previous eps like it did tonight.

- Guest stars! Raphael Sbarge, Anthony Heald and Valerie Mahaffey all deserve a hearty applause. Especially Valerie, just because she was my absolute favorite on Northern Exposure and I feel like I dont see her nearly enough these days. Eve! ;) <3

- Interesting choice to keep Ty and Tina completely separate for most of the episode this week (it would have felt like they were shoehorning something about their relationship in given the other storylines,to be honest, so its for the best IMO.) Other than sitting next to each other in M&M they have no scenes together; it was a pretty Tina-lite week overall this week, though I rather enjoyed her razzing Buck for his nervous-bounce. ;)

- Here is something I would actually like to see them work on in subsequent eps: At this point, and I know its still early days yet, but I feel like the M&Ms are actually giving Hooten a little bit too much room to sermonize and scrutinize and grandstand where, by this point, I want to see a more equal balance between the doctors standing up for themselves and him challenging them. I know, he is the boss, there is only so much they can talk back without repurcussions but push that envelope as hard as you can. Yes, this week we got Michelle's blunt defense of Ty's reckless decision, and last week we had a satisfying moment of Tina pushing back pretty hard, but I would actually like to see a little more confrontation and a little less dressing-down while the others react.

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