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'Monday Mornings' Episode Stills: 1x06 'Communion' (maybe?) and 1x07 'One Fine Day' (definitely)

(Click image to enlarge)

Hurrah! The good news is we have new stills from Monday Mornings that DO feature Jamie! Including the one above. (Well helloooooo, doctor. *THUD* ;)  The bad news is that TNT still seems to be not-quite on the ball, as these are all listed on their press site as being from episode 1x06 "Communion", airing Monday.  The one above, as well as the bottom one I'm posting below (see Jamie in the monitor there?) are clearly from episode 1x07 "One Fine Day," if you read the episode description that was released a while back:

Ty and Tina receive a late night call from Afghanistan, where Corpsman Jacob Gold (guest star Reiley McClendon) desperately needs help when his fellow Marine suffers a traumatic head injury. Sydney believes a happy infant's unnatural laughter is related to an undiagnosed neurological problem. And Sung and Hooten attempt to reconcile the husband and sister of a brain-dead gay patient, only to find themselves caught in the legal crosshairs of the situation.

Not sure about the middle one. But anyway... refer to your own paperwork, PR peeps. Anyway, it's cool... everybody do the dance of "It's Ty, and he's NOT wearing scrubs in either shot, viva variety!" ;)

EDIT (3/11): Okay, editing this post just for the record - NONE of these shots are from Episode 6. They are all from Episode 7. So, uh... WELL DONE, TNT. :P (And now I'll stop complaining because that black v-neck tee is kickin'. ;) )

(All images by Doug Hyun © TNT)
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