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Jamie Bamber Goodness to Occupy You Until 'Monday Mornings' Tonight

I intended to do a round up of miscellaneous news and links this weekend, but, hey, it turns out my procrastination was a good thing. ;) Late last night Jamie announced he and Jennifer Finnigan would be live tweeting tonight's episode of Monday Mornings! The tweeting shall commence at 7pm pacific / 10pm eastern time. For the west coasters, if you have Direct TV you can watch and follow along at 7 tonight. And for those not on Twitter, make sure to take a look at Jamie and Jen's Twitter pages tonight: @ImJamieBamber and @Jennigan.

While we don't have plans to copy their tweeting in it's entirety here, I'm sure we will post some highlights tomorrow in the episode discussion post.

We haven't discussed Monday Mornings ratings the past couple of weeks so let's rectify that. Week 4 showed ratings had stabilized with about 1.24 million viewers tuning in 'live'. And last week (Week 5), saw ratings rise to 1.45 million viewers. That's a 17% increase (thank you, Jamie, for doing the math ;) in live viewership. It would be great of the ratings continued in that direction. Tonight's Dallas, which deals with JR's funeral, should see a significant bump in ratings. Hopefully, some of those viewers will stick around for Monday Mornings. posted a a great interview with Jamie regarding his work on Monday Mornings. At the end of the interview, Jamie stated he didn't know what project he might be tackling next, but, on Twitter, he mentioned a potential project shooting in the UK for Kudos, which produced Law & Order: UK. But don't get excited, people. Matt Devlin is not rising from the dead. ;)

In John Doe news, reported the interactive game, ‘Vigilante’, was launching ahead of ‘John Doe’. I'm hoping this means we will have news regarding the film's release soon.

And if you want the best look yet of Jamie in John Doe, check out the show reel of the film's editor, James Cole. You can see the John Doe footage at around the :52 & 1:36 marks.

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